Email Marketing


Email is the form of direct marketing and is the quickest, easiest and cheapest manner to reach anyone in the most personalized manner. Now a days whether it’s personal messages, promotional offers or business deals, everything is corresponded via emails.

 Email Marketing is mainly done to acquire new customers or persuading current customers to buy something instantaneously. Effective email marketing can not only generate leads for your business but can also create goodwill and regular customers.  Email Marketing experts at Creatonz manage all Simple Text Based, HTML and Hybrid sorts of email marketing campaigns for your business on very competitive rates.

Bulk email marketing has slowly become the most popular method of online marketing second to search engine marketing. Studies have shown that the average bulk email campaign yields a one- to two-percent response (Means one-million recipient’s equal 10,000 new customers which is Awesome).

Creatonz gives insights for how to best message customers and improve their experience. Get your business prosper rapidly with the specialized email marketing services of Creatonz.

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